Rotherham Civilian Corps Enamelled Badge 1914

Rotherham Civilian Corps Enamelled Badge 1914 to 1915

This is an enamelled 'mufti' badge worn in civilian clothing by the Rotherham Civilian Corps (before the corps had its own uniforms). It has the Coat of Arms of the County Borough of Rotherham and is also titled 'Rifle Club Section'. 

A meeting was held in the office of the Chief Constable of Rotherham on 15th October 1914 with the intention of forming the Rotherham Civilian Corps. Rules for the Corps were drawn up at this meeting and included:

1. Name: This Corps shall be known as the Rotherham Civilian Corps.

2. Objects: To afford opportunity for military training so that their services may be utilised in the case of emergency to those men (a) are ineligible for service in the Army, or (b) are for valid reasons unable to leave for service at the present time.

3. Constitution: The Corps shall consist of the Rotherham Rifle Club Section, the Bankers Section and such other sections as may hereafter be formed and accepted by the general committee of the Corps.

4. Government: The Corps shall be under the control of a general committee composed of the Chairman, Commander, Chief Constable, four members from the Rifle Section, four members form the Bankers Section and a Secretary.

At this meeting it was moved and carried that Major (then Captain) H. Barlow-Massicks be elected as Commander. Major Barlow-Massicks eventually commanded the Battalion for the remainder of its existence under its various designations.

At a meeting on February 4th 1915, it was decided to change the title of the Corps to 'The Rotherham and District Volunteer Defence Corps'. 

This effectively means that this badge was very short lived.

on 4th February 1915 they became known as the Rotherham and District Volunteer Defence Corps.