Arms of the Corporation of Sheffield Badge Used Between 1915 and 1916

This badge, consisting of the Municipal Arms of Sheffield, was used by a variety of organisations linked to the Corporation of Sheffield. 

It is difficult to find photographic evidence of the badge being worn but a fundraising postcard exists for the 18th West Riding (Sheffield) Volunteers. This Bn became the 2nd Bn Sheffield Volunteer Defence Corps (SVDC). 

This post card shows the battalion commander, Maj HA Cole, wearing this badge on his service dress cap.  He also wears the collar badge of the SVDC, presumably being an officer, a bronzed Officers Service Dress version. 

The arms consist of a shield containing a sheaf of arrows and 3 wheatsheaves. On the left of the shield is the figure of Thor and on the right, the figure of Vulcan both of which represent the city’s link to metal. The Lion is taken from the Duke of Norfolk’s arms and the motto is ‘Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit’.