1st Volunteer (Hallamshire) Battalion NCO Badge 1897 to 1908

This is the first pattern Tiger and Rose badge to this battalion but is in all gilding metal and is believed to be an NCO’s badge. 

The Tiger is set within a scroll and laurel wreath made of gilding metal with the words ‘York and Lancaster’. Unusually the Coronet and rose are in gilding metal. 

This badge is also unusual in that it is 2 pieces of gilding metal soldered together with a white metal centre to the rose.  Interestingly, the purpose of sweat holes can be clearly seen in this example in that during manufacture, they allow gases and excess solder to be expelled through holes in the rear of the badge. This excess solder can be seen around the edges of the holes of the Rose and the Coronet. 

This badge is on loops, no examples are known to exist with sliders.