Other Ranks Shoulder Title 1896-1968 Regular and Territorial Battalions.

Made in all gilding metal, this example has hexagonal lugs although they can be found with round and D shaped loops. This is the most commonly found York and Lancaster shoulder title.

Although designed as shoulder titles, there is photographic evidence in the York and Lancaster regimental archive that shows it has also been used as a cap badge. Photographs from the Boer War period show these titles were used as badges in the puggaree on the Foreign Service Helmet.

An album of the 2nd Battalion in India during 1925 has in it a group photograph of soldiers of the ‘Indian Platoon’ wearing 3rd pattern York and Lancaster collar badges and this pattern of Y&L shoulder titles in their turbans. Interestingly, several of these Indian soldiers wear WW1 medals showing their participation in the Great War. 

(The album entitled ‘2nd Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment souvenir of Jullunder, India 1925-26’. Archive reference no 578-K/3/9/1/9).