Medals & Badges to 12/206 Thomas Edgar Osborn Sheffield Pals

This 1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal, WW2 Defence Medal & Badges, belonged to Thomas Edgar Osborn 12th (Sheffield City Battalion) York and Lancaster Regiment (also known as the Sheffield Pals). 

Thomas Osborn was born in 1891.  He was 23 at the outbreak of World War One and was a Librarian in Sheffield.  He lived on Vincent Road, Sharrow, Sheffield. 

He joined the Sheffield City Battalion on 10 August 1914 with the regimental number of 12/206. As his 206 number was quite low, he would have been one of the first men to enlist in the Sheffield City Battalion.

He served in the Mediterranean theatre (Egypt) from 20.12.15 so although not awarded a 1914-15 Star, it is thought he privately purchased one after the war, had it engraved with his details and added it to his group. 

Osborn went over the top on the 1st day of the Somme (1st July) at Serre and although he survived, he was wounded later in the month. At some stage he was transferred to the 3rd Y&L and then to the 1st Battalion Y&L from where he was discharged in 1919.

It is believed Osborn was a Civil Defence Worker during WW2, hence the Defence Medal being part of his group.