Volunteer Battalion Officers Waist Belt Clasp

Volunteer Battalion Officers Waist Belt Clasp

As expected with a volunteer battalion, the metals are reversed to those line battalions.

The circlet is silver with the words ‘York and Lancaster Regt’. The seeded centre is silver with the Royal Tiger in gilt and the Union Rose in silver with a gilt centre. The belt loop ends are in silver.

It differs from a similar volunteer battalion waist belt clasp in that the wording is simply York and Lancaster Regt (rather than 2nd Volr Battn York and Lancaster Regt). 

It is likely that this is a first pattern 2nd Volunteer Battalion WBC as the 1st Volunteer Battalion had a specific Hallamshire WBC with the wording Hallamshire Rifles. 

Secondly, in common with the 2nd VB cap badges, first pattern badges had no mention of a battalion number but second pattern badges have a volunteer number. It therefore makes sense to assume that WBC also followed the same principle.