World War 2 Economy Issue Plastic Badge 1943 to 1945

Type 34 Tiger and Rose Badge

The Tiger is set within a scroll and laurel wreath with the words ‘York and Lancaster’ surmounted with a Union Rose and Coronet. 

The badge is made of bronze brown coloured plastic (cellulose acetate) and was sealed in January 1943. This badge, made by A Stanley & Sons was made as an economy measure to save on the use of metals and although 45,116 were made between 24th March 1943 and 6th January 1944 (two articles in the Militaria Magazine by Marcus Cotton relating to the manufacture of plastic economy badges during World War 2 provide details of WW2 economy badges) . 

The badges proved unpopular with soldiers and many took the first opportunity they could to replace these plastic badges with metal badges. 

The fasteners on the back of the badge were made of thin strips of brass.