Other Ranks Badge with Long Slider 1903 Onwards

Type 5 Other Ranks Badge.

This badge has a long slider that is substantially longer than most and protrudes well below the scroll. Official records show that sliders were introduced in 1903 for use on the Foreign Service Helmet, Universal Headress and the New Pattern Cap (Brodrick Cap). 

Courtesy of A Plewa.

A document kept in the National Archives of the Royal Army Clothing Department (RACD) dated 5th January 1903 (list of changes WO359/VOL 12 pages 120 & 121) gives instruction for the introduction of vertical shanks (sliders) for various types of headdress. It states:

It was agreed that the same badge should be used for the cork F.S. Helmet and Universal Headdress. That the centre of Helmet Plate shall be used for above in all cases where a centre of Helmet plate is used. In other cases the Glengarry badge or existing full dress badge. For Cavalry the field service cap badge to be used for F.S.H. and Universal Head  dress. The whole of the above to be fitted with a single vertical shank.

For N.P. Forage Caps. The existing Field Cap Badges shall be used fitted with a vertical   shank but the cap not to be fitted with a socket.
That existing sealed pattern centre plates and badges be amended by a note on the label stating when supplies are required for services with either F.S Helmet or Universal Headdress a vertical shank will be reqd.