A Chromed Other Ranks Badge

Type 43 Other Ranks Badge

This is a standard Tiger and Rose badge of the same pattern as in type 17 and dates from the WW1 period. An oblong sweat hole can be found to the rear of the coronet and 4 small circular sweat holes around a larger circular sweat hole to the rear of the rose. 

What makes this badge different is that it has been chromed. The purpose of the chroming cannot be ascertained from official references although the most likely suggestion is that the badge was adapted for use by the regimental band, who from contemporary black and white photographs of the 2nd Battalion in India in the 1920’s, appear to be wearing all white metal badges. 

There is also photographic evidence in the York and Lancaster Regimental archive that shows 2 Regimental Police wearing chromed badges on their arm brassards in Cyprus in the 1960’s. (Archive reference 1993.48.23)