84th of Foot Shoulder Belt Plate worn from 1826 to 1855

The plate is a rectangular gilt pattern upon which is a silver laurel wreath and strap surmounted by a Coronet.  

On the strap are the words ‘York & Lancaster’ and in the centre, the numerials ‘84’ with a Union Rose above it and the battle honour 'India' above the Rose. Below the strap are the battle honours ‘Peninsula’ and 'Nive' again, all in silver.

On the face of it, this appears to be the same pattern as the one introduced in 1826 when the battle honour 'India' was awarded. However, the back of the plate show that the whole plate is made of silver and appears to have been gilded on the front. Its is therefore logical to conclude that this plate was originally silver and of the 1826 pattern that was later gilded to fit in with the regulations of 1830 to change from silver lace to gold lace.