Shoulder Belt Plates (SBPs), sometimes called Cross Belt Plates, evolved from the leather shoulder belts that swords and pouches were carried on. These eventually became a more decorative piece rather than a functional item but most carried a plate or decoration of some sort that identified the wearers regiment.

Battle honours and naming conventions are a useful guide to dating SBPs and are an indication of when a SBP came into use.

65th of Foot

1758               Known as The 65th Regiment of Foot

1782               Known as 65th (2nd Yorkshire North Riding) Regiment of Foot

1823               The Tiger awarded

1823               Battle honour ‘India’ awarded

1824               Battle honour ‘Arabia’ awarded

84th of Foot

1894-1809     Known as The 84th of Foot

1809               Became The 84th York and Lancaster Regiment of Foot

1813                Battle of Nive

1815                Battle honour 'Peninsula' awarded to 2nd Bn

1818                Battle honours 'Peninsula' and Nive awarded to the whole regiment

1826               Battle honour ‘India’ awarded.