Cloth Badges Belonging to Hallamshire Soldier WW2

Cloth Badges Belonging to a Hallamshire Soldier during WW2.

These badges belonged to 4748287 W/Cpl Ernest Allen. He enlisted into the York and Lancaster Regiment Militia at Pontefract on 15 July 1939.

He was transferred into the Hallamshire Battalion Y&L and served in Iceland, Normandy and North West Europe as a Driver/Mechanic in HQ Company.  He was released from military service on 14 March 1946. 

The badges include:

  • 'Combined' shoulder badge with Hallamshire title, 2nd pattern 49th Div Polar Bear patch and brigade seniority strip. These were worn in Normandy and throughout the campaign in NW Europe.
  • Pair of Y&L cloth slip on titles worn until 1941. These are different to the regular pattern in that they have red embroidered edges. Based on the Hallamshires wearing a red backing to their cap badge, it is possible these red edged slip on titles were made specifically for the Hallamshires.
  • Overseas service chevrons (pictured upside down). Each chevron denotes 1 years service overseas so Cpl Allen served 5 years service abroad.
  • 1st pattern printed 49th Division Polar Bear. patch This is one of the less common Polar Bear badges with the 'head down' posture.
  • An Iceland made embroidered 49th Division Polar Bear patch. These badges were amongst the first 49th Division badges worn by the Hallamshire Bn in Iceland. According to records held in the York and Lancaster archives for the Hallamshire Bn in Iceland 1942, they were made by local seamstresses. 
  • WW2 issue Corporal's chevrons.