Glengarry Badge of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion used between 1885 and 1902

A white metal circlet surmounted by a Queen Victoria Crown that has been brazed on, with the words ‘2nd Volr Battn York & Lancaster’ on the circlet. In the centre of the circlet is a gilding metal Union Rose with a white metal centre. This pattern was approved in 1885.  

In a pattern book showing volunteer infantry badges held by the National Archives a hand written page note states that ‘the Union Rose must be similar to that worn in Line Bns, viz:-gilt centre, white metal outer’. 

It appears likely that this pattern was the first one approved and that the WO changed the configuration of the metals in the rose to confirm with that of the regular battalions. However, because the outer circle remains in white metal, the convention that volunteer battalion badges were differentiated from regular battalions badges was maintained. It appears that this pattern was superseded by the pattern below.