Officers Home Service Helmet with Plate 1902 to 1914

The helmet plate is made of gilt metal and is an 8 pointed star with a laurel wreath and Garter surmounted by a Queen Victoria Crown that displaces the top point of the star. The Garter has the motto ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’. In the middle of the Garter is the Union Rose, in silver with a gilt centre, on a black velvet background.  

Fixed to the bottom of the wreath is a silver universal scroll with the words ‘The York and Lancaster Regiment’.

The helmet has gilt fittings indicative of use by an officer in a regular battalion. In 1908 on formation of the Territorial Force, this helmet and plate were then used by both the 4th (Hallamshire) Battalion and the 5th Battalion.  It was therefore in use by all battalions from 1908 until Full Dress in the army ceased to be used (officially in 1914 but unofficially into the 1930’s).

This particular helmet belonged to John George Edmund Rideal of the 5th Battalion.