A Pattern Card of Officers Badges 1904

When badges were approved for wear, examples of the approved badges were fitted to cards and ‘sealed’ with tape and sealing wax. 

Often these cards were prototypes or samples kept as a record of the standard to be adhered to when producing new batches of badges. The card is dated 27th September 1904. Each badge was annotated in hand written notes and this particular pattern card holds the following Officers badges. 

  • A Forage Cap or Puggaree badge in silver and gilt. A note says ‘in bronze on Service Cap’. 
  • A collar badge for the Tunic, Frock Coat and Mess Jacket. 
  • A collar badge for the Service Jacket. 
  • A large, small, Mess Vest and Cap button. 
  • A Helmet Plate Centre (without crown)