An All Gilding Metal Tiger And Rose Badge c1940’s

This example is in all gilding metal with a slider. Its origin is unconfirmed but it has been suggested that it could have been made in Italy for the 6th Battalion during WW2 however there is no evidence to support this and hence this example is in the Fakes and Copies section until proved otherwise. 

The pattern of slider and the absence of sweat holes would certainly indicate that this badge is post WW1 but the slider appears to be of modern manufacture. These all gilding metal badges are often incorrectly described as being WW1 economy badges.  

During WW1, the need to save time in making badges in 2 metals led to some badges being made completely in one metal from 1916 and these were termed Economy Issue. However, documents in the National Archive relating to the issuing of all gilding metal badges as an economy measure during WW1 show that the York and Lancaster badge was never made as an Economy Issue during WW1.